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eSports Wrap: Ep 11 – Microtransactions in games

Today on eSports Wrap, our host Michael Armogan is talking about microtransactions in games, how they affect the game, and your experience in it.

Tech Talk: Ep 11 – Was Apple right? Are face ID’s the way of the future?

Join our host Michael Armogan and guest Vicquell Lightbourne for this week's episode! Topics are: - Headphone jacks, was Apple right or are we going to move into the...

Tech Talk: Ep 10 – Google Event, iPhones/iOS, Facebook, Sony & WhatsApp

Michael Armogan, and guest Vicquell as they go over the following topics! Google's Event (Pixel 2, 2 XL, Home Mini, Pixel Buds, Home Max) iPhone/iOS Facebook PlayStation VR and...

eSports Wrap: Ep 10 – Destiny 2 Good, Bad, Ugly, and eSports?

Join MOAR; Cookies host Michael Armogan along with guests Dwan and Chris as they shed some "Light" about the Good, Bad, and Ugly (and eSports) about Destiny 2!

Tech Talk: Ep 9 – Apple, Google, Samsung, Equifax, Overwatch and more!

Samsung Note 8 can survive even flames 2018 may mean flexible phones for Samsung Google Google Drive app for PC and Macs being shut down ...

eSports Wrap: Ep 9 – Overwatch and how it’s changed our lives

Today our host, Michael, is going to be talking with Dwan, a local player of Overwatch, about the game, its past, present, and possible...

Tech Talk: Ep 8 – Hacking everywhere! Lots of tech news this week

Join our host, Michael Armogan, and guests Chris and Vicky, as they talk about the topics below. Essential privacy leak LG V30 Pacemaker Google ...

eSports Wrap: Ep 8 – Hearthstone, upcoming nerf

Our host Michael Armogan and guests Nallyboyray and Omegasempaii go over the basics of Hearthstone, the upcoming changes and how the current meta might...

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