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eSports Wrap: Ep 13 – Nintendo Switch and esports

eSports Wrap host, Michael Armogan, goes over the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's stance on their new hybrid console platform, and how it plays out in...

Tech Talk: Ep 13 – iPhone X reducing security, Patreon, Skype, Android 8.1 & more

Join our host Michael, along with Vicquell and Chris as they talk about: Reducing security to get the iPhone X out faster (and how to prep for getting it) ...

Tech Talk: Ep 12 – Spying companies, Hacks, Mac Gamers, WiFi KRACK’d & more

Join our host Michael along with guests, Chris, and Vicquell as they talk on: Spying companies Self driving cars Hacked info, possibly future leaks Mac continues trying to appeal...

eSports Wrap: Ep 12 – Women in Gaming, eSports, & the industry

Join our host, Michael Armogan and guests, Dwan, Chris, Jesspi188, Arragon, and BlueSuedeHaze for a female gamer stream! Talking about females in the industry, games, esports and more!

eSports Wrap: Ep 11 – Microtransactions in games

Today on eSports Wrap, our host Michael Armogan is talking about microtransactions in games, how they affect the game, and your experience in it.

Tech Talk: Ep 11 – Was Apple right? Are face ID’s the way of the future?

Join our host Michael Armogan and guest Vicquell Lightbourne for this week's episode! Topics are: - Headphone jacks, was Apple right or are we going to move into the...

Tech Talk: Ep 10 – Google Event, iPhones/iOS, Facebook, Sony & WhatsApp

Michael Armogan, and guest Vicquell as they go over the following topics! Google's Event (Pixel 2, 2 XL, Home Mini, Pixel Buds, Home Max) iPhone/iOS Facebook PlayStation VR and...

eSports Wrap: Ep 10 – Destiny 2 Good, Bad, Ugly, and eSports?

Join MOAR; Cookies host Michael Armogan along with guests Dwan and Chris as they shed some "Light" about the Good, Bad, and Ugly (and eSports) about Destiny 2!

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