eSports Wrap 33: KoG Tournament Wrap-up

In this eSports Wrap episode Michael covers the recent SoulCalibur (SC) & Tekken tournaments held here in Nassau. Guests are Maurice Bastian & Tyler...

MOAR Tech 50: Google, Smartphones Batteries and FUTURE smartphones

In this episode of MOAR Tech, we go over: Google Maps getting speed trap & accident reporting Smartphone batteries getting worse & some odd "futuristic" entries to...

eSports Wrap 32: Open World vs Closed World Game Concept

On this episode of #eSports Wrap, we go over the benefits and cons to both open world and closed world games, along with comparisons...

MOAR Tech 49: Oneplus 6T & Apple’s new lineup

Michael, Chris & Vicquell talk on the Oneplus 6T and review the new Apple lineup including the MacBook Air, the iPad Pro, and the...

eSports Wrap 31: The Evolution of Soulcalibur

Michael and guest Dwight Fox of Bahama Gamers Network discuss the origins of Soulcalibur and how it's come forward to its newest game, Soulcalibur...

MOAR Tech 48: Pixel 3 is getting smashed, not scratched

Michael and Chris discuss Google, their Pixel 3, and how it's getting stomped (not scratched). Original recording date: October 25th, 2018

eSports Wrap 30: Mods and Cheating in Video Games

Michael and Nally discuss mods and cheats in games and how they can affect both your and other's gameplay. Original recording date: October 23rd, 2018

MOAR Tech 47: Google’s Hardware event and Razer’s new devices

Michael and Chris are talking about Google's newest devices along with some new products from Razer as well! Original recording date: October 18th, 2018

eSports Wrap 29: The Evolution of Tomb Raider

Dwan and Michael are talking about the evolution of the Tomb Raider, aka Lara Croft, and how she and her story have progressed throughout...

eSports Wrap 28: Ninja drops on ESPN, a rise for eSports?

Michael and Dwan focus on #ESPN and how they have taken a turn to cover #esports, what they've been doing in the past on...