Tech Talk – Ep 18: Google vs Amazon, Airlines & Smart luggage, Vine 2.0/IG...

Join Michael, Vicquell and Chris as they talk about: - Apple Pay's new wallet card - Airlines banning smart luggage - Google vs Amazon - the feud...

eSports Wrap: Ep 14 – Betting in esports, cryptocurrencies, and how it plays out

Our host, Michael Armogan, talks about the increase in esports betting, how cryptocurrencies are being used, and what it all means. Original air date: November...

eSports Wrap: Ep 17 – eSports in the Olympics?

Join Michael as he talks about esports, the Asian Games of 2018 and 2022 and Olympics 2024 along with them already being medal-winning sports. Original...

Tech Talk: Ep 4 – CNN, Switch, Nokia, Dubai’s robot police & more

Talking about a lot of topics from CNN, Switch, Nokia, Facebook, Instagram, Pokemon GO, Samsung, iPhones, ThermoReal, OnePlus, Tinder, Tidal, Dubai's robot police, a...

Tech Talk: Ep 16 – iPhone Face ID woes and the OnePlus 5T

Tech Talk host, Michael Armogan, and guests Vicquell and Nally talk on the following topics: - iPhone X's Face ID broken into not only by...

Tech Talk: Ep 23 – Google Lens, Samsung’s S9, and Apple Discussion!

Michael and Vicquell go over the below topics: - Google Lens now available to all Androids and iOS devices through Google Photos, flagships to get...

Tech Talk: Ep 24 – Alexa’s early Halloween, the notch, Airbnb’s updates & more!

In Tech Talk's 24th episode, Michael, Vicquell and Chris talk about: - Airbnb's Plus and SuperHost programs - Chris freaks out, just a fyi - Amazon...

Tech Talk: Ep 19 – Best of CES 2018 | Google, Samsung SmartThings, TVs...

In Tech Talk this week, Michael, Chris and Vicquell go over the products that made their top picks from CES 2018! Use the time codes...

eSports Wrap: Ep 16 – The history of lootboxes

This week we go over the history of how we got lootboxes / lootcrates, the element of gambling and how it conflicts in the...

Tech Talk: Ep 17 – Hyperloops, smartphone plateau & Net Neutrality

Tech Talk host, Michael Armogan, and guests Vicquell and Nally talk on the following topics: - Hyperloops, Boring Company, Arrivo and the development of future...

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Tech Talk 39: Estonia’s Blockchain & e-Government w/ Anna Piperal

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