eSports Wrap: Ep 9 – Overwatch and how it’s changed our lives

Today our host, Michael, is going to be talking with Dwan, a local player of Overwatch, about the game, its past, present, and possible...

Tech Talk: Ep 3 – Twitch, Google, Samsung, Qualcomm, Facebook & more

We've got news on: Twitch Google Samsung Qualcomm Facebook Microsoft Razer Apple OnePlus IFTTT Token Amazon Nintendo and more!

Tech Talk: Ep 29 – Gamer Phones, RCS, iPhone Crack Cracked + More

Michael and Vicquell talk about: The Gaming Phone trend RCS or Rich Communication Services and how they'll effect texting and Android on a whole Amazon wants to...

Tech Talk: Ep 36 – WPA3, Firefox’s comeback & Google Maps update

In this episode of Tech Talk, Michael talks about the new WiFi security called WPA3, Firefox's comeback, and an interesting Google Maps update that'll...

Tech Talk: Ep 15 – Sending nudes to Facebook, Chrome stops redirects, NASA and...

Michael, Vicquell, Chris, and Nally talk about: - Windows 10 also getting AirDrop type feature - Skype getting Slack and Snapchat features? - New File Manager for Android? - Blowgate?...

eSports Wrap: Ep 18 – Kobolds and Catacombs, a review

Join Michael and Nally as they go over Kobolds and Catacombs, Hearthstone's newest expansion which also brings one of the most addictive side games around! Original...

Tech Talk: Ep 32 – OnePlus new phone, Apple vs Google on Accessibility &...

On this episode of Tech Talk, Michael and Vicquell talk about: OnePlus' new phone, the OnePlus 6 Twitter's new method to combat bad accounts Apple vs Google...

Tech Talk: Ep 7 – iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry, Burger King, PUBG, Nintendo and more Tech Talk host, Michael, and guest Vicquell, cover the following topics: BlackBerry wants to license out secured Android Chrome to allow permanent mute of sites Burger King, Russia, wants...

eSports Wrap: Ep 11 – Microtransactions in games

Today on eSports Wrap, our host Michael Armogan is talking about microtransactions in games, how they affect the game, and your experience in it.

Tech Talk: Ep 33 – Apple’s WWDC event and all the new features coming...

Michael and Vicquell talk about Apple's WWDC event, going over new software updates that are going to come for iOS/iPhones/iPads/iPods, watchOS for Apple Watch,...

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Tech Talk 39: Estonia’s Blockchain & e-Government w/ Anna Piperal

In this episode of Tech Talk, Michael interviews special guest Anna Piperal, Marketing Director for e-Estonia. Together they go over what makes Estonia special...

Tech Talk 38: Skype Updates, Snap Partners, YouTube Hashtags, Macbook Pro Fails

In this episode of #Tech Talk, Michael talks on: A new Skype update - older versions won't be working soon Snapchat partnering up to bring you...

Tech Talk: Ep 37 – Dark Patterns, one of tech’s dirty secrets

On this ep of Tech Talk, Michael and Vicquell will be discussing Dark Patterns in technology. These are things companies do to sway you...