eSports Wrap: Ep 11 – Microtransactions in games

Today on eSports Wrap, our host Michael Armogan is talking about microtransactions in games, how they affect the game, and your experience in it.

eSports Wrap 38: Activision investigation and Bungie leaving, what’s next?

eSports Wrap continues on the Activision topic and Bungie's (makers of the Destiny & Halo series) departure since...

eSports Wrap: Ep 10 – Destiny 2 Good, Bad, Ugly, and eSports?

Join MOAR; Cookies host Michael Armogan along with guests Dwan and Chris as they shed some "Light" about the Good, Bad, and Ugly (and eSports) about Destiny 2!

Tech Talk: Ep 35 – iOS 12 beta 2, Google Podcast & Popup Smartphone...

Michael and Vicquell discuss iOS 12 beta 2, Google Podcast, and Popup Smartphone Cameras like the Oppo Find X Original air date: June 21st, 2018 WATCH...

Tech Talk: Ep 29 – Gamer Phones, RCS, iPhone Crack Cracked + More

Michael and Vicquell talk about: The Gaming Phone trend RCS or Rich Communication Services and how they'll effect texting and Android on a whole Amazon wants to...

eSports Wrap: Ep 3 – Traditional Sports and eSports

How is eSports affecting traditional sports? You'd be surprised by what we find out!

eSports Wrap 27: New Game+, what is it and should it be standard?

On this episode of eSports Wrap: Michael & Dwan as they discuss the New Game+ option in single-player games. What is it?...

eSports Wrap: Ep 19 – Nintendo Labo; wave of the future?

This week in eSports Wrap, Michael goes over the Nintendo Labo, what it could mean for accessory makers and gamers in the future. Hint:...

MOAR Tech 56: How do IMAX & 4DX work? We ask Fusion Superplex

On this episode of MOAR Tech, Michael & Vicquell interview Fusion Superplex on how IMAX and 4DX Theatres...

MOAR Tech 48: Pixel 3 is getting smashed, not scratched

Michael and Chris discuss Google, their Pixel 3, and how it's getting stomped (not scratched). Original recording date: October 25th, 2018
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