Esports Wrap 46: Where EA, Bioware and Anthem went wrong

A pretty serious report came out about Anthem and its studio BioWare. Stress, overwork, mismanagement and more happened.

eSports Wrap 45: Emulators – NEO GEO, Gameboy, and everything else

This eSports Wrap is focusing on emulators or what people use to play games on other systems -...

eSports Wrap 44: Google’s new gaming platform, Stadia – what is it and why?

BIG news from Google about their cloud-based gaming platform called Stadia. Today's #eSports Wrap stream & podcast go...

eSports Wrap 43: Cheating in tournaments

Just like regular sports, cheating can happen in eSports as well - even in tournaments. In this episode...

eSports Wrap 42: Game Launchers & Social Networks

Video Game Platforms - Once simple to find friends on, how things have changed and if it's the...

eSports Wrap 41: Anthem – the game to hate on?

Over the weekend, Anthem came out. We've made it to end-game. Now, join Michael and Dwan and let's...

eSports Wrap 40: BEsL & Esports in The Bahamas

On this episode of eSports Wrap, we interview Alex Butler, a local tournament organizer and an organizer of...

eSports Wrap 39: Apex Legends … and God Eater 3?

Apex Legends, what is it, where did it come from, and why is it the top game on...

eSports Wrap 38: Activision investigation and Bungie leaving, what’s next?

eSports Wrap continues on the Activision topic and Bungie's (makers of the Destiny & Halo series) departure since...

eSports Wrap 37: Are Activision & Blizzard Dying?

In this episode, we talk about Activision's past, and how they typically handle companies under them. The key...
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