eSports Wrap: Ep 22 – Fortnite; what is it; do the kills matter?

We're talking Fortnite in this episode, what is it, do the kills matter, and why it's so hot right now! We had to cut...

eSports Wrap: Ep 21 – NASCAR’s getting into esports – again?

Michael's talking about NASCAR's esports events, their partnership with RTA (Racing Team Alliance) and iRacing for both competitive esports leagues and at the track...

eSports Wrap: Ep 20 – Facebook grabs for streamers from Twitch/YouTube

Join Michael as he talks about Facebook's recent movements in video from Facebook Watch to their new Creator Program to Facebook Gaming to possibly...

eSports Wrap: Ep 19 – Nintendo Labo; wave of the future?

This week in eSports Wrap, Michael goes over the Nintendo Labo, what it could mean for accessory makers and gamers in the future. Hint:...

eSports Wrap: Ep 18 – Kobolds and Catacombs, a review

Join Michael and Nally as they go over Kobolds and Catacombs, Hearthstone's newest expansion which also brings one of the most addictive side games around! Original...

eSports Wrap: Ep 17 – eSports in the Olympics?

Join Michael as he talks about esports, the Asian Games of 2018 and 2022 and Olympics 2024 along with them already being medal-winning sports. Original...

eSports Wrap: Ep 16 – The history of lootboxes

This week we go over the history of how we got lootboxes / lootcrates, the element of gambling and how it conflicts in the...

eSports Wrap: Ep 15 – Free DLC models and Sports going Subscription!

Michael and Nally talk about the free DLC model, sports games like FIFA and Madden going subscription, and a few off-topic rants. Original air date:...

eSports Wrap: Ep 14 – Betting in esports, cryptocurrencies, and how it plays out

Our host, Michael Armogan, talks about the increase in esports betting, how cryptocurrencies are being used, and what it all means. Original air date: November...

eSports Wrap: Ep 13 – Nintendo Switch and esports

eSports Wrap host, Michael Armogan, goes over the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's stance on their new hybrid console platform, and how it plays out in...

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