eSports Wrap: Ep 14 – Betting in esports, cryptocurrencies, and how it plays out

Our host, Michael Armogan, talks about the increase in esports betting, how cryptocurrencies are being used, and what it all means. Original air date: November...

eSports Wrap: Ep 17 – eSports in the Olympics?

Join Michael as he talks about esports, the Asian Games of 2018 and 2022 and Olympics 2024 along with them already being medal-winning sports. Original...

eSports Wrap: Ep 16 – The history of lootboxes

This week we go over the history of how we got lootboxes / lootcrates, the element of gambling and how it conflicts in the...

eSports Wrap: Ep 8 – Hearthstone, upcoming nerf

Our host Michael Armogan and guests Nallyboyray and Omegasempaii go over the basics of Hearthstone, the upcoming changes and how the current meta might...

eSports Wrap: Ep 7 – AI and Gaming

Join our host Michael as he delves into Artificial Intelligence in games, how it'll influence video games, and what's both good and bad about...

eSports Wrap: Ep 11 – Microtransactions in games

Today on eSports Wrap, our host Michael Armogan is talking about microtransactions in games, how they affect the game, and your experience in it.

eSports Wrap: Ep 6 – Heroes of the Storm

Talking about Blizzard's MOBA game, Heroes of the Storm. Going through what it is, how it's played, and how it's evolving in eSports.

eSports Wrap: Ep 1.3 – Sony @ E3

eSports Wrap's premiere show (pilot episode)! Guests are Chris and Vicky, covering the below topics: God of War - Sony Days Gone - Sony ...

eSports Wrap: Ep 1.2 – Nintendo @ E3

eSports Wrap's premiere show (pilot episode)! Guests are Chris and Vicky, covering the below topics: NINTENDO Metroid Prime 4 Pokkén Tournament DX/Go/Ultra Moon/Sun Super...

eSports Wrap: Ep 22 – Fortnite; what is it; do the kills matter?

We're talking Fortnite in this episode, what is it, do the kills matter, and why it's so hot right now! We had to cut...

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