eSports Wrap 30: Mods and Cheating in Video Games

Michael and Nally discuss mods and cheats in games and how they can affect both your and other's gameplay. Original recording date: October 23rd, 2018

eSports Wrap 28: Ninja drops on ESPN, a rise for eSports?

Michael and Dwan focus on #ESPN and how they have taken a turn to cover #esports, what they've been doing in the past on...

eSports Wrap 26: Red Dead Redemption 2 & Real-life Scenarios in Modern Gaming

In this eSports Wrap, Michael & Dwan focus on: • From the makers of Grand Theft Auto comes Red...

Esports Wrap 51: Toxicity in gaming

On this Esports Wrap, we take a look at the toxicity in gaming. What it is, why it...

eSports Wrap 34: King of Games and Local Gaming Venues

Did you know there are places people who like to game actually go and hang out? Tune in to our special episode of eSports...

eSports Wrap: Ep 1.4 – Ubisoft @ E3

eSports Wrap's premiere show (pilot episode)! Guests are Chris and Vicky, covering the below topics: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Starlink : Battle for Atlas

eSports Wrap 25: EA’s Anthem & Insomniac’s Spider-man

MOAR Tech 44: Adblockers, Wearable phones & Sonars stealing smartphone passwords

eSports Wrap: Ep 7 – AI and Gaming

Join our host Michael as he delves into Artificial Intelligence in games, how it'll influence video games, and what's both good and bad about...

eSports Wrap 43: Cheating in tournaments

Just like regular sports, cheating can happen in eSports as well - even in tournaments. In this episode...

eSports Wrap 31: The Evolution of Soulcalibur

Michael and guest Dwight Fox of Bahama Gamers Network discuss the origins of Soulcalibur and how it's come forward to its newest game, Soulcalibur...
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