MOAR Tech 54: CES 2019!

In this episode, we discuss this year's Consumer Electronic Show aka CES 2019. There are some weird products...

MOAR Tech 53: Tumblr is DEAD (and more)

On this episode of MOAR Tech, Michael and Vicquell talk about the death of Internet Explorer/Edge, Tumblr and some suggestions for #tech #Christmas gifts. Original...

MOAR Tech 52: Google’s China Censorship & Tomorrow’s Tech-Free Kids

This episode of MOAR Tech talks on: Google's secret censorship search engine in China Tomorrow's Tech-free Kids Data Collection; Our Catch 22 Amazon's employees and inhumane workplace Original recording...

MOAR Tech 51: Dark Mode, Amazon Echo vs the Law, and Apple+Amazon

This episode of MOAR Tech focuses on smartphone's Dark Mode, Amazon's Echo devices giving sound recordings to the law, and what Amazon and Apple...

MOAR Tech 50: Google, Smartphones Batteries and FUTURE smartphones

In this episode of MOAR Tech, we go over: Google Maps getting speed trap & accident reporting Smartphone batteries getting worse & some odd "futuristic" entries to...

MOAR Tech 49: Oneplus 6T & Apple’s new lineup

Michael, Chris & Vicquell talk on the Oneplus 6T and review the new Apple lineup including the MacBook Air, the iPad Pro, and the...

MOAR Tech 48: Pixel 3 is getting smashed, not scratched

Michael and Chris discuss Google, their Pixel 3, and how it's getting stomped (not scratched). Original recording date: October 25th, 2018

MOAR Tech 47: Google’s Hardware event and Razer’s new devices

Michael and Chris are talking about Google's newest devices along with some new products from Razer as well! Original recording date: October 18th, 2018

MOAR Tech 46: Are tech launch events dying out?

On this episode of MOAR Tech: Michael, Vicquell and Chris discuss whether or not #tech launch events are dying out due to #leaks, fading...

MOAR Tech 45: Apple’s Lackluster Event

Michael and Chris talk about the new iPhones Xs, Xs Max, Xr and Apple Watches on this episode...