MOAR Tech 47: Google’s Hardware event and Razer’s new devices

Michael and Chris are talking about Google's newest devices along with some new products from Razer as well! Original recording date: October 18th, 2018

Tech Talk: Ep 14 – Razer Phone, iPhones, Robot Citizenship & more!

Tech Talk host, Michael Armogan, and guest Vicquell, talk on the following topics: Razer Phone and it's "insane" specs iPhone 8 users switching to iPhone X The...

Tech Talk: Ep 16 – iPhone Face ID woes and the OnePlus 5T

Tech Talk host, Michael Armogan, and guests Vicquell and Nally talk on the following topics: - iPhone X's Face ID broken into not only by...

MOAR Tech 52: Google’s China Censorship & Tomorrow’s Tech-Free Kids

This episode of MOAR Tech talks on: Google's secret censorship search engine in China Tomorrow's Tech-free Kids Data Collection; Our Catch 22 Amazon's employees and inhumane workplace Original recording...

MOAR Tech 48: Pixel 3 is getting smashed, not scratched

Michael and Chris discuss Google, their Pixel 3, and how it's getting stomped (not scratched). Original recording date: October 25th, 2018

Tech Talk: Ep 12 – Spying companies, Hacks, Mac Gamers, WiFi KRACK’d & more

Join our host Michael along with guests, Chris, and Vicquell as they talk on: Spying companies Self driving cars Hacked info, possibly future leaks Mac continues trying to appeal...

Tech Talk: Ep 35 – iOS 12 beta 2, Google Podcast & Popup Smartphone...

Michael and Vicquell discuss iOS 12 beta 2, Google Podcast, and Popup Smartphone Cameras like the Oppo Find X Original air date: June 21st, 2018 WATCH...

Tech Talk: Ep 25 – WWDC, Cryptocurrencies and Fortnite

Tech Talk is back with the 25th episode! Join Michael and Vicquell as they go live talking about: WWDC 2018 Cryptocurrencies in our daily lives & Fortnite...

Tech Talk: Ep 26 – Laptops, Apple iPad, Razer, Facebook privacy

Michael and Vicquell discuss: Laptops vs Desktops Apple's new iPad and possible upcoming AR Glasses Razer's new game and hardware store and Facebook's privacy breach Original air date: April...

MOAR Tech: 63: What happens to your tech & online accounts when you die?

What happens to your tech and online stuff when you die? That's what we're talking about on this...
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