What do do when someone creates an account using your email

Recently I've encountered a dilemma, one which actually happened to me before and forced me to use Twitter. Someone has registered themselves under an...

Some changes are happening

Time for a new platform! Well, honestly it's a bit more than just a new platform. Instead of Blogger, I'm now running Ghost instead,...

Why I’m scared about the future of technology in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is rapidly changing in terms of the internet: Mobile data is becoming common place with LTE on the way in December and...

Bahamian Corps: It’s time to upgrade your tech

Does anyone remember back in the day when this commercial used to run, along with several others? For NINE years, this guy was asking...

[Opinion] Mobile OS Market Share in the Bahamas

It's coming to the point where it seems BTC - Powered by LIME is ready to start up its engines yet again.  With the...

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