Google Glass – The Experience

So I've had Google Glass for almost a month now and the experience so far leans more towards the positive side. It still does...

BBM – 10 million downloads in 24 hours

BBM for Android and iOS has soared in downloads, even becoming the top free app in more than 75 countries in the first 24...

Why you should move from BBM and WhatsApp to ChatON

Let's face it, in the coming months you'll be forced to make a choice, WhatsApp or ChatON. BBM's on the backburner as well since...

Will Motorola beat Samsung as top Android maker?

Sounds next to impossible, doesn't it? Samsung, the company that sold more handsets than even Apple did might be in for some competition a...

Why has the mobile innovation stopped?

Since mobile devices were first popularized, and I'm talking back from Palm Pilot and the like here, innovation has been a very bumpy slope....

Motorola has been sold to Lenovo!

Say it's not so! After shocking news earlier today of a report that Google is possibly selling off Moto to China based Lenovo, a...

Why you should wait to buy the iPhone 5

Head's up, this one's just for the Bahamas, folks!So, people are starting to bring in the iPhone 5 and show it off it seems....

Preorder the Samsung Galaxy S III from BTC NOW

I'll keep this one simple, short, and sweet.  Currently BTC is selling the Samsung Galaxy S III (I9300) for only $629, that's cheaper than...

SAFE branded Samsung Galaxy S III vs RIM BlackBerry OS 10

I won't lie and say that it doesn't look like Samsung is looking to put RIM down with a quick one-two.  Here's the juicy...

The Galaxy Note 4 – Just a little better than the 3

If you were hoping for something grand, guess again. While the Note 4 is still a beast of a phone in its own right,...

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