Android’s Trusted Places isn’t so great, but why?

Imagine coming home, dropping off all your bags, changing off and then picking up your phone to see it's recognised your WiFi or location...

So what’s new in Android 5.0 Lollipop

Embargos are dropping on Android's newest operating system and people are itching to try out the new software. I, myself, have been testing the...

The Galaxy Note 4 – Just a little better than the 3

If you were hoping for something grand, guess again. While the Note 4 is still a beast of a phone in its own right,...

The Note Edge: The gateway device to the future

Let's be honest, I'm not going to be happy if I'm at a meeting and I see a sexy text from a girl I...

Why has the mobile innovation stopped?

Since mobile devices were first popularized, and I'm talking back from Palm Pilot and the like here, innovation has been a very bumpy slope....

In 10 years, will we still be using smartphones?

  Chances are, no. Let me explain before you start to think I'm crazy. Have you ever watched a movie called Minority Report? How about this...

Facebook buys WhatsApp

It comes as little surprise that facebook, the world's largest social media site, has bought WhatsApp. The facebook group has seemingly started working on...

Motorola has been sold to Lenovo!

Say it's not so! After shocking news earlier today of a report that Google is possibly selling off Moto to China based Lenovo, a...

Will Motorola beat Samsung as top Android maker?

Sounds next to impossible, doesn't it? Samsung, the company that sold more handsets than even Apple did might be in for some competition a...

Is Android still in beta?

Here's a fun idea: What if everything Android was just a prelude to something else.Fragmentation, manufacturer's creatng thier own versions, this fight between Google...

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